A survey of image-based insects classification

Pattern Recognition , 2016

Maxime Martineau, Donatello Conte, Romain Raveaux, Ingrid Arnault , Damien Munier , Gilles Venturini

 Entomology has had many applications in many biological domains (i.e insect counting as a biodiversity index). To meet a growing biological demand and to compensate a decreasing workforce amount, automated entomology has been around for decades. This challenge has been tackled by computer scientists as well as by biologists themselves. This survey investigates fourty-four studies on this topic and tries to give a global picture on what are the scientic locks and how the problem was addressed. Views are adopted on image capture, feature extraction, classication methods and the tested datasets. A general discussion is nally given on the questions that might still remain unsolved such as: the image capture conditions mandatory to good recognition performance, the denition of the problem and whether computer scientist should consider it as a problem in its own or just as an instance of a wider image recognition problem.