Comparison in vitro and in vivo efficiencies of three attractant products against webbing clothes moth Tineola bisselliella (Hummel) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae).

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Moth pests belonging to the Tineidae attack the animal products, during the processing or manufacturing stage as well as in storage. The insects cause considerable loss or damage to the commodity in terms of quantity, quality and market value. Insect control measures in these products differ depending on the conditions of storage or processing and the relevant cost factor. Fumigation products play an important role in insect pest elimination in the majority of the stored animal products. The need of detailed studies on alternatives methods involving the exploitation of insect traps for pest management has been highlighted. In the past years test systems for the evaluation of attractant products have been developed and further refined in our laboratory. In this study, a standardized test system for the evaluation in vitro of commercial traps for Tineola bisselliella, the webbing clothes moth (WCM), has been validated. Actually, three sticky traps baited with female-produced sex pheromone were tested in laboratory with our new test system and in vivo at the “Mobilier National”, a storage warehouse of movable property for French Republic. The same significant differences have been showed in both types of experiment. The amount of captured individuals was also closely linked with the kinetic release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of the sticky traps. Thus the test system relevant for the practice is reliable and allowed to discriminate the products according their efficiency in a reliable and strong way. However, the best product tested is not sufficient to reduce considerably the damages and in light of recent results, we discuss about the characteristics of a new effective trap in warehouse conditions.

  • Dates
    Paru le 1 mai 2012
  • Auteur(s)
    Ingrid Arnault, Michael Decoux, Emilie Meunier, Tom Hebbinckuys, Stephane Macrez, Jacques Auger and Dominique De Reyer 


  • Références
    Journal of Stored Products Research, 50 (2012), 15-20