Soil fumigation with Alliacea

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du 22 octobre 2008 au 25 octobre 2008

5th european conference on pesticides and related organic micropollutants in the Environment


Ingrid Arnault, Jérome Lambion, Hélène Védie, Marc Chovelon , Duretay Gaël, Jacques Auger

Allium spp present pesticide properties which are attributed to sulphur compounds and mainly three disulfides (DS): dimethyl disulfide (DMDS), dipropyl disulfide (DPDS) and diallyl disulfide (DADS). Many studies report the pesticide potential of sulphur compounds and since five years, DMDS is developed for the soil disinfection in replacement of methyl bromide. In this study, the fungicidal and nematicidal effects of the three disulfides are evaluated on the pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotium and two root nematods: Xiphinema index, Meloidogyne spp. The results show the superior efficacy of DMDS.